Private & Refund Policy

Prakash Yoga Sewa School

Private policies and refund policy with term & conditions:-

Standard terms & conditions of Prakash Yoga Sewa School for its all the yoga courses & applicants.
It doesn’t matter that they belong to India or abroad.

1) Our yoga school is a nonprofit organization.

2) Students who want to join any yoga course or retreat have to read all the sections of our website before apply or submit an advance fee of interested course.

3) The Advance or registration fee of any yoga course will not be refundable in any case. But if they cannot join the due date of course then the advance or registration fee will be adjusted in your course when you will come for your course to Rishikesh, India.

3) Every student will have to come to the center and join, teacher and yogis will never go outside the center or ashram to teach.

4)All students should have to pay the remaining amount of course fee in the next two days of arrival at the center.

5) All the applicants or students who have booked us for their yoga course will get our services after when they reach the nearest airport or railway station in our center.

6)It is very necessary for all the students who are booked their places for a yoga course to send us their flight details or arriving & departure schedule before one weak to reach ashram or center.

7) In ashram/center every student will follow the instructions chart which they will get on an oriental day. If any student will go against instructions he/she will dismiss from the center and course with immediate effect.

8) It is strictly announced to all applicants that they will never go outside the ashram without written information on the management.

9) It is a very clear concept of Prakash Yoga Sewa School that will respond only for your yoga course with accommodation after coming to the center at Rishikesh, India.

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